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Engineering Institutes in Bihar

Updated on: Oct 16, 2015

This section provides complete information about Engineering colleges in Bihar. It also provides the contact details of each and every Engineering institute in Bihar. The best Engineering institutes in Bihar are covered here. If any Engineering institute in Bihar is missing in this list, kindly inform us using our Contact Form. Students studying in Engineering colleges in Bihar can also write to us to give their reviews and feedback.

We have made the best efforts to provide accurate information on Bihar Engineering colleges. This list of Engineering colleges in Bihar is compiled from various authentic sources and hence can be relied upon. Still if there are any errors, please do let us know. Remember, www.Bihareducation.net is your best source for all educational information in Bihar.

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Bhagalpur College Of Engg.
(AICTE Approved)
P.O. Sabour, Bhagalapur - 813 210.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Civil Engineering (Seats:30), Computer Science & Engg. (Seats:40), Electrical Engineering (Seats:45), Electronics & Comm. Engg. (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:45)

Bihar Institute Of Silk & Textiles
(AICTE Approved)
Nathnagar, Bhagalpur - 812 006.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Silk Tech. ( Consensed Course) (Seats:30), Silk Technology (Seats:20), Textile Technology (Seats:20)

Bihar Col Of Engg (AICTE Approved)
Patna Bihar 800 005 Bihar
Courses: M.E / M.Tech :Structural Engg (Seats: 18), Transportation Engg (Seats: 18), Water Resources Engg (Seats: 18), Control System Engg (Seats: 18), Power System Engg (Seats: 18), Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Turbine (Seats: 18), Thermo Turbo Machines (Seats: 18)

Indian School Of Mines (AICTE Approved)
Dhanbad 826 004 Bihar
Courses: M.E / M.Tech : Mining Geophysics (Seats: 12), Engg Geology (Seats: 12), Mineral Exploration (Seats: 12), Petroleum Exploration (Seats: 18), Environmental Sc & Engg (Seats: 18), Fuel Engg (Seats: 12), Mineral Engg (Seats: 18), Computer Application & Software Technology (Seats: 24), Industrial Engg & Management (Seats: 18), Lognwal Mine Mechanisation (Seats: 18), Mine Planning & Design (Seats: 12), Mining Engg (Seats: 12), Open Cast Mining (Seats: 18), Rock Excavation Engg (Seats: 18), Petroleum Engg (Seats: 18), Maintenace Engineering & Triblogy (Seats: 18), Mining Machinery (Seats: 18), Drukubg Engineering (Seats: 18), Rock Excavation Engg (Pt) (Seats: 18)

Muzaffarpur Institute Of Tech.
(AICTE Approved)
P. O. Brahampura, Muzaffapur - 842 003.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecomm. Engg. (Seats:40), Information Technology (Seats:40), Leather Technology (Seats:15), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60)
M.E / M.Tech : Thermal Engg (Seats: 18, Machine Design (Seats: 18)

Maulana Azad College Of Engg. & Technology (AICTE Approved)
Neoraganj, Neora, Patna - 800 002.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Computer Science & Engg. (Seats:60), Electronics & Comm. Engg. (Seats:90), Information Technology (Seats:30), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:90)

Miilia Institute Of Technology (AICTE Approved)
RaMBA gh, Purnea, Bihar - 854 301.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engg., Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Comm. Engg. (60 Seats each)

National Institute Of Technology (AICTE Approved)
Formely Name :Bihar College Of Engg. Patna - 800 005.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Computer Science & Engg. (Seats:40), Electronics & Comm. Engg. (Seats:15), Information Technology (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:35)

National Inst Of Foundry & Forge Tech (AICTE Approved)
Hatia Ranchi 834 003 Bihar
Courses: M.E / M.Tech : Foundry & Forge Tech (Seats: 18), Manufacturing Engineering (Seats: 18), Environmental Engineering (Seats: 18)

R.P. Sharma Instt. Of Tech. (AICTE Approved)
Danapur, Patna – 801 503.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Civil Engg. (Seats:30), Computer Science & Engg. (Seats:60), Electronics & Comm. Engg. (Seats:120), Electrical & Electronics Engg. (Seats:60), Information Tech. (Seats:30), Mechanical Engg. (Seats:120)

Siwan Engg. & Tech. Institute (AICTE Approved)
Islamia Nagar, Shurapur, P.O. & Distt. Siwan – 841 226.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech :Computer Science & Engg., Electronics & Comm. Engg., Electrical Engg., Mechanical Engg. (60 Seats each)

Women's Institute Of Technology (AICTE Approved)
Navodya Complex, Kameshwarnagar, Darbhanga - 846 004.
Courses: B.E / B.Tech : Information Technology (Seats:60)

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