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Nalanda Open University

Updated on: Nov 17, 2015

The Nalanda Open University is situated in Patna, the Capital of Bihar State in India.The University was established in March 1987 and named after the ancient Nalanda University. The Nalanda Open University Act was passed by the legislature in 1995 and the university came under the jurisdiction of that law. This is only university of its type in Bihar exclusively purposed for providing education to those who cannot attend regular University classes. For effective and efficient delivery of study programs the university has centers across the state.

Following are mentioned the Aims and Objectives of Nalanda Open University

  • To provide education to pupil who cannot attend regular university classes.
  • To offer flexibility in learning.
  • To offer degree and diploma courses and to make provision for research for advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To offer special facilities to groups like, elderly people, in-service personnel, housewives, people living in remote areas, socially disadvantaged people of the society and all others who wish to enhance qualification.
  • To lay emphasis on vocational, as well as, conventional courses, leading to award of degrees and certificates.
  • To create responsiveness for self-sufficiency and equip people with knowledge and higher qualification so as to enable those to become suitable for new work opportunities.
  • To provide course for rural, agricultural, industrial and commercial needs of people and design learning material for improving socio-economic condition of the masses.
  • To bring consciousness in women, children and downtrodden of their social rights, duties and legal status in society.

Schools and Departments

  • School of Computer and Information Sciences
  • School of Economics, Commerce and Management
  • School of Health and Environmental Sciences
  • School of Indian and Foreign Languages
  • School of Indology
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • School of Teacher's Education
  • School of Library and Information Science
  • School of Pure and Agricultural Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences

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